Control your computer from that webpage!

Auto Control allows you to control your PC (Personal Computer) while you are away, you can do lots of essential operations (such as: Shutdown, Restart, Open file ...etc) to your system by using 3 methods, Countdown mode, Alarm mode or even use that webpage to control your PC anywhere at anytime.

Please fill the fields below to control a set of computers:
Note: Some actions will be executed within 15 minutes after submission.
Auto Control ID:

Auto Control Password:

Select an action:
You must write the exact path of the application as located on your PC to run it successfully, wrong path will lead to action failure.


File path:

Cancel action automatically after reaching execution limit.
Execution limit is the maximum number of computers that will execute the action before it's being cancelled or deleted automatically.

'Execution limit: 2', means 2 computers only will be able to execute that action.

Execution limit:

Recieve an email after executing action for confirmation.
In order to use this option, you must configure your SMTP server at Auto Control options and enter below a valid e-mail address.


Email address:

Important notes:

- You can create an account by downloading the latest version of Auto Control (click download), run it and select "Listen to action" from the left menu then select "Create new account", select an ID and password then click "Create".

- Auto Control must be running and set to "Listen to action" mode to control your PC from this page anywhere. To do that, open Auto Control on the target PC, select "Listen to action" from the left menu, then select "Login to account" from combobox, write your account ID and password and click "Login" button and finally click "Start Listening" button.

- You can control a group of computers at many places, just follow the above instructions with each computer using only one Auto Control account that makes all computers listen to it. You can also make different sets of computers by assigning an account for each set of computers. No limitations to create accounts.

- You must use your account within 15 days, after this period your account will be deleted and you will have to create new account.

End user agreement:

It's easy to understand that many computers connected to the Internet are vulnerable to any kind of attacks even without installing a remote desktop solution. We (InfraDrive) share this concern with you and that�s why security is, and must be, always the priority.

As the availability of broadband Internet connections increases, more and more people have their computers always online. From the moment your computer gets online it becomes a prime target for hacker attacks. We strongly recommend installing trusted firewall with latest updates to reduce any risks.

The connection between Server (computer(s) being controlled) and Client (computer controlling the remote computer(s)) are highly secured. Although InfraDrive will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of the Registration Data, transmissions made by means of the Internet cannot be made absolutely secure. InfraDrive will have no liability for disclosure of Registration Data due to errors in transmission or unauthorized acts of third parties.

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